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Assistive Technology & Modifications Toolkit

The toolkit contains products,
services and a list of
organizations as resources
people may use to plan
independent lives.

Lending and Demonstration


Try out an AT device free!

Before spending hundreds of dollars on a new assistive technology device, why not try it out?

If you are in need of equipment to live, work or play as independently as possible, EquipALife offers a device lending and demonstration program just for you. We have a variety of adaptive devices available for 90-day free trials. If we don't have the needed device, we work in collaboration with other providers statewide to locate equipment for trials.

If you need a "loaner" while your device is in for repair, EquipALife has a variety of different adaptive equipment available to meet your needs. We are one of just a few providers in the entire state to offer this loan/trial service, and we are unique in that we will follow up and provide assistance at any point during the loan period.

Our Assistive Technology Specialist will guide you through the process of locating the "Right Tool for the Right Task" using equipment from the lending program. We also have access to some equipment that is available for longer-term use. Longer-term use generally means you return the item if it remains in good working order when you are no longer in need of the device.

EquipALife is unique as we help you to locate funding to purchase the equipment after your trial period using a variety of resources including our internal low-interest loan programs, public assistance, or insurance.

There is no charge for Minnesota residents with disabilities, their families or the professionals who assist them in learning how to use a specific device.

 "I am a supervisor with Vocational Rehabilitation Services in the Woodbury/W. St. Paul field office.  My consumer was in need of assistive technology to help him organize multiple sources of detailed information in his job.  The information about EquipALife was provided to me by our assistive technology specialist John Bredehoft.  We wanted to try out an iPad and a particular software application to determine if it would meet the consumer’s need.  He was able to use it on the job and determined that it would be a useful tool and software application.  We were then able to purchase the equipment as a workplace accommodation contributing to his work production and enhancing his job retention.  The service was both timely and useful.  I would definitely use this service again, and have shared my positive experience with other members of my counseling team."

Kris Torma
Rehabilitation Counseling Supervisor II
Vocational Rehabilitation Services