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Assistive Technology & Modifications Toolkit

The toolkit contains products,
services and a list of
organizations as resources
people may use to plan
independent lives.

Fees for Services


EquipAlife employs Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) with a variety of skill sets and expertise in the area of Assistive Technology.  These specialists are mobile, and provide services on site in the environment where the individual requires assistance.  Our ATPs work  in tandem with the person and their entire team using the person-centered concept.  The customer may engage the specialist to help locate a very simple device from the low-tech spectrum to the latest high-tech advances in AT.

Our ATPs are licensed by the Rehabilitation Society of North America (RESNA) and follow RESNA's established standards.  EquipALife is a licensed provider with the State of Minnesota, accepting all forms of payment including private insurance, public assistance programs (i.e. county waivers & vocational rehab), private payment a on a case-by-case basis.

Assistive Technology Assessment – This comprehensive assessment determines the AT components necessary to meet personal/professional goals. This review is critical in the process of selecting the right equipment or modification necessary to increase, maintain or improve the individual's ability.

Evaluation  – The process takes into consideration all factors in the person’s life, including their skills and abilities, to provide a clear assessment of the concern. A request for an evaluation might be initiated to compare progress, to measure outcomes, or to review current AT if the individual has progressed or had a major life change.

Training Services – EquipALife provides training for individuals and small or large groups.  We work closely with other providers in the education field to create webinars, on-line classes and to design materials to train other professionals as new, more complicated assisstive technologies become available.



 Hi! My name is Alex. Enduring an accident at the age of 15, I was forced to live in a world where adaptation makes everything and anything possible. If you're a C4 quad like I am or have any other physical disability limiting your function such as MS, look no further!  EquipALife has meant the world to me; equipping me with the adaptation to receive a diploma from high school and to further my education in college.