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Telework Program


The Access to Telework/Employment First Program was created in 2005 to promote flexible employment and self-employment, allowing individuals to be creative in designing their career path.

Low-interest loans are available to create a new home-based employment situation, to purchase the equipment needed to work for an employer at home, to pay for remodeling costs associated with a business, to expand an existing company, to use your home as a base while traveling to job locations, or to purchase employment equipment (not just assistive devices).  The program also allows the person flexibility in hours and accommodation, and other options typically not available in the "normal" work environment.

Having ownership in creating a career or developing one's own business has a tremendous impact on success! An Access to Telework/Employment First loan is a powerful option that can be used to create or expand opportunities or to resolve any barriers that stand in the way of a meaningful and productive career. 

Please contact us at 763-479-8239 or 1-866-535-8239 to start the loan process.


"EquipALife helped me when I was about to get a van equipped and I was about to find a part time jobs. I will tell anyone about this company. If I had to rate them from one to ten and ten the highest, I would give them a ten."

Yours truly,
Minister Roger Robinson



Micro Loan Application

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